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1. Payment policy: All the payments received at are received through a payment gateway and AJ NeXt is not liable for any transaction, which does not get processed because of error on part of the payment gateway.

2. Payment Received: Payment is said to be received by AJ NeXt when it is notified by payment gateway to AJ NeXt. Usually it is notified immidately as soon as a transaction is successful.

3. Refund: There is no refund on the amount received by AJ NeXt under any circumstances. Students are advised to be careful while selecting the batch. Students should appreciate that when a student takes admission in a batch, AJ NeXt allots the batch to a student and it is subsequently not possible for AJ NeXt to refund such amounts.

4. Non – Transferable: Any fees received is non – transferable from one student to another.

5. All pen drive products are meant for a single user. If it is found that a student is watching lectures in a group, it amounts to using the videos for commercial purpose. Such students are liable for action by AJ NEXT in the court of law and are a strict violation of our policy. Such lectures will be disabled with immediate effect without any refund and further, the concerned students will be liable for damages and penalty for using lectures for a commercial purpose.

6. AJ NEXT does not encourage any student buying these products from any other website. In case, any student buys from any other website apart from the above two, AJ NEXT will not be responsible in case of any problem.

7. Number of views and validity cannot be extended or changed under any circumstances.

8. Under no circumstances AJ NeXt is responsible if Laptop or any device where student is watching the lectures is defective or is not relaying the lectures properly. It is students duty to ensure that the device on which lecture is being played is working fine. AJ NeXt will NOT help to try to repair such devices.

9. All books of AJ NeXt are copyrighted and owned by AJ NEXT. Any copying of the books or giving out photo copy will amount to piracy, which will be penalized as per the prevailing laws.

10. A student only gets a right to view the lectures given for the time given and for the number of views written. Under no circumstances, a student should think that he gets a right to tamper with the lectures. Any student found tampering or transmitting the lectures will be criminally dealt as per the Information Technology Act, 2008.

11. No change of Laptop is allowed once the lectures are activated for any reason.

12. Above terms and condition are amended from time to time and AJ NEXT is under no duty to send them to the student. Every student is bound by the UPDATED terms and conditions.

13. When a student buys any product, he/she is assumed to be knowing above terms and conditions.

14. There will be no refund under any circumstances

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