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Professor A.N. Sridhar

SFM – Refresher Course for CA FINAL by A.N.Sridhar

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It is a course designed for students who have completed their study of SFM and want to revise the entire syllabus in short span of time. Full revision can be completed in maximum 4 days if a student is able to spend 12-13 hours a day.

There are 80 select problems covering the entire syllabus. There is a video for each question plus 14 lectures for recap of the formulae. A student who has completed their study is required to go through the formulae and concepts video of all chapters first. Then, he/she has to solve the 80 problems. Finally, all the solutions will be compared with the solutions which are explained in the video with concepts. In doing so, the student not only learns to solve the problem but also revises all the concepts of SFM after viewing the video solutions. This ensures that the entire syllabus is revised. Important notes and concepts can be written down after watching the solutions videos. The introduction video explains how to use the revision booklet and videos. The appropriate time to do this course is after completion of studies. The problems present in the booklet which remains with the student can be solved any number of times in future for practice, to gain total confidence.

  1. ONE Revision Book
  2. Google Drive Link

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WINDOWS LAPTOP only (Desktop / Macbook / Chromebook does not work)

Windows 7 and Above

2 GB Ram or more

Intel Processor i3 / Pentium and above OR AMD processor

Graphics Card

Students will install the software provided. For any technical problem, call 7061116111.



Frequently Asked Questions

It is more of a revision course. It will suit all those students who have completed their study of SFM and want to quickly cover the entire syllabus and at the same time want to practice all important problems.

No. It can be done by any student who has learnt SFM and studied it at least once.

Yes. Certainly. The concepts in SFM are unique and it is the method of teaching that separates one another. Prof Sridhar’s experience in teaching and more than 30 years of service in the finance industry will be clearly seen when you go through the course. Ultimately the satisfaction and confidence is what a student would desire in the end.

This is the course designed by Prof. A N Sridhar who has taught more than 100 batches, teaching CA Final for the past 18 years. The simple and lucid manner he teaches and gives notes is well known. These are best exhibited in this course – on selection of problems and explanation of concepts. The highlight is that one can completely revise all the concepts and solve all types of problems in just 3 to 4 days.

Firstly, there is a huge saving of time. Secondly, it is vital that all important problems are solved, and concepts are learnt before the examination. This course does contain all such important concepts and problems. Thirdly, order of problems is random, which tests a student whether he/she is able to switch from one concept to another easily. Fourthly several ICAI/CMA/CFA exam problem types are covered.

Yes. In fact, very quickly.

No. But the course designed to cover problems section, which is around 85% of the subject.

Yes. But the design of the course is to help the student to enable him to switch from one chapter to another easily. If you solve chapter wise, only this advantage is lost. All other advantages still exist.

The questions are of the ICAI final exam level. Instead of just one answer, in the last page, multiple answers are provided along with the question. Remember that if the concepts are correctly learnt, then there can be just one correct answer. Hence, if you do not have a wavering mind, you will select the correct answer only. In other words, this is a way to boost/strengthen your confidence. Note, that most international exams nowadays are switching to MCQ type, because they want a student to be sure before ticking the answer.

Yes, that is the reason we provide two views. So each lecture can be viewed 2 times.

1 Practical book.

No, it cannot be extended under ANY circumstances.

Message on 8080324444. Give us 24 hours to reply back.

Lectures only work on windows LAPTOP and nothing else.

Lectures will only work on laptop where it was installed the first time

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    Crash Course
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    Nov 2021
    May 2022
    Nov 2022
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    6 Months
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    Paper 2 - Strategic Financial Management
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