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Professor Aarish Khan

Direct Tax – Crash Course for Nov 2020

Lecture Preview

We have launched the Fast Track Batch for DIRECT TAX for MAY & NOV 2020. It is a course designed to give a student with complete knowledge of Paper 7 at the CA FINAL level. Mind you this is the paper that creates a lot of problems for the students as it is one of the biggest subjects and last day revision becomes a big problem.

Salient Features of Fast Track Batch:
1. 3 Books will be given.
2. COLOURED Text Book will be given.
3. 150 Case Laws from ICAI Material Covered.
4. Question Bank covering more than 450 Questions will be given.
5. Complete Revision Videos will be given for quick revision on the Last Day.
6. All amendments to the Finance Act 2019 will be covered.


Ch. No.Chapter Name
1Charging Section
2Depreciation New
3Specific Deductions
4Sectorwise Deductions
5General Deductions
7Deemed Incomes
8Miscellaneous Issues
15Rectification of Apparent Mistakes
16ITA & IT’s Powers
17Appeals & Revision
18Search & Seizure
19Search & Seizure Assessment
20Important Time Limits of Assessments
21Taxation of Trust
22Profit Linked Deductions
23Minimum Alternate Tax
24Alternate Minimum Tax
26Settlement Commission
27Set off & Carry Forward
28Taxation of Investment Funds (AIF I & II )
29Taxation of Securitisation Trust
30Dividend & Bonus Stripping
32Advance Tax
33Capital Gains – Basic Concepts
34Capital Gains – Chargeability
35Deemed FVC
36Slump Sale
37Non Taxable Transfer
38Conversion of Sole Proprietor in to Company
39Conversion of a Unlisted Private Company in to LLP
40Conversion of Stock Exchange in to Company
41Forfeiture of Advance Money
42Exemptions u.s 10 & 111A & 112.
43Exemptions u.s 54 to 54GB
44CG in case of Transfer of Block
45Taxation of Demerger
46Taxation of Cooperative Banks
47Taxation of ESOP
48Taxation of Buy Back of Shares
49Taxation of Dividends
50Taxation of Gifts
51Deduction u.s 10AA
52Taxation of Mutual Funds
53Business Trust
54Non Resident Taxation
55Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
56Transfer Pricing
57Vodafone Case Law
58Advance Ruling
59Overview of Model Tax Convention
60Application & Interpretation of Tax Treaties
61Base Erosion & Profit Shifting
62Miscellaneous Amendments
63List of All Important Sections
64Tax Rates
65Amendment made by Income Tax Ordinance 2019


  1. 1  Coloured Text Book.
    1  Question Bank.
    1  Case Law Book.
  2. Pen Drive (if opted for Pen drive)  OR Google Drive (30GB)

NOTE: Courier is done with the help of courier agencies. It usually takes 2 days for us to give the package to the courier agency and further time to deliver the package to the students depends on location. AJ NeXt does not guarantee the time duration when the courier will reach the students. It can provide the tracking id within 3 days of the order.

Due to COVID, all couriers are getting delayed. This situation is uncontrollable for anyone. Students are requested to be patient in such kind of situations.

WINDOWS LAPTOP only (Desktop / Macbook / Chromebook does not work)

Windows 7 and Above

2 GB Ram or more

Intel Processor i3 / Pentium and above OR AMD processor

Graphics Card

Students will install the software provided. For any technical problem, call 7061116111.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, to be very specific. Because it is easily more advanced than regular courses of all other faculties in India.

Yes, this course can be done by a fresher also who is having no knowledge of the subject and is doing it the first time..

85 hours. Revision of entire course will be there on youtube of 10 to 15 hours more.

Yes, there will be separate Book given to the students for Case Laws covering more than 150 Case Laws. (All Case Laws from ICAI MATERIAL). Any extra case laws will be done through our Youtube Channel

Yes, all the amendments made by Finance Act ( No.1) 2019 , Finance Act (No.2 ) 2019 and Income Tax Amendment Ordinance 2019 will be covered. Further Amendments made in RTP will also be covered.

Yes, every year those students who cant take up our regular course Face to face OR virtual , take up this course. In fact there have been few rankers also who had taken Fast Track course.

Entire portion will be covered which is covered in Regular Course. In any case, index is given in the book.

1 Coloured Text Book. 1 Question Bank . 1 Case Law Book.

No, it cannot be extended under ANY circumstances.

Message on 8080324444. Give us 24 hours to reply back.

Not under ANY circumstances

students will be informed via youtube and telegram channel

Lectures only work on windows LAPTOP and nothing else.

Lectures will only work on laptop where it was installed the first time

  • Course:
  • Course Type:
    Crash Course
  • Attempt:
    Nov 2020
  • Number of Total Hours:
  • Number of Lectures:
  • Validity:
    6 Months
  • Number of Views:
  • Subjects:
    Paper 7 - Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation
  • Language:
    English / Hindi
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