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Professor Anuj Jalota

CA INTER – Costing – 17 Edition (Latest Edition with Coloured Book)

Lecture Preview

Every aspect of costing will be covered which
is there in your syllabus.
•All questions including MCQ’S of ICAI
•Full theory covered.
FORM OF BRIEF BELOW each question. This
we call as “SHORTS” below every question.
•Ranking for each question given. There will be
1 star (not important), 2 star (important) and 3
star (very important) rankings for each question.
•Homework section with a timer against each
question so that a student knows in how
much time a problem is to be solved.
•Complete solution of homework section on
the website.
•Taught fully by CA ANUJ JALOTA, who teaches
more than 80% of Mumbai students in CA


PLEASE NOTE: Coloured books will be couriered once in Feb 2021.  Call 8080324444 for other details along with full lectures. Students are advised to join the live ONLINE Batch which started on 22 Dec 2020.

SECTION I – 10% TO 15%
SECTION II – 35% TO 40%
2Material Costing7
3Labour costing6
4Overheads – Absorption Costing8
5Activity Based Costing9
SECTION III – 25% TO 30%
6Cost Sheet1
7Cost Accounting System10
8Unit & Batch Costing11
9Job & Contract Costing2
10Process / Operation Costing3
11Joint & By Products4
12Service Sector5
SECTION IV – 20% TO 25%
13Standard Costing12
14Marginal Costing / CVP analysis13
15Budgetary control14

Frequently Asked Questions

This Course is around 130 hours

It includes every question that can possible come in exams

IT covers all prpblems by ICAI

All mcq are there in AJNEXT app and lectures of that are there in this course

ICAI is known to commit mistakes in this subject. Whatever will be taught, will be perfect content free of any errors

Yes, Fully couloured books, whose delivery will start from 15 Feb 2021. Till then a black and white book will be provided containing few chapters

Many question have only 3 or 4 points that are required to be kept in mind. After each question, these are put in a green coloured box. This will be teh only thing to be done on the last day


It will be available on the website www.ajnext,com/downloads

Against each HW section question, there is a timer, which is time required to solve that question. Use that to assess your own speed

Doubts can be asked through our

YES, completely

Minimum 90 plus if you follow all instructions

1 hour approximately

You can watch them either using our Android, IOS or Laptop

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